View Full Version : Singer Graflex

Sergio Caetano
19-Nov-2006, 16:23
Please could somebody say if the roll film back Singer Graflex (RH10) is Graflok type ?

Ernest Purdum
19-Nov-2006, 17:23
These rollfilm holders require a Graflok or similar type back. They are too thick to go into a spring back. They were made to fit back sizes between 2 1/4" X 3 1/4" to 4" X 5", so you have to be sure which size you are buying.

Sergio Caetano
19-Nov-2006, 17:38
Well, it means that it will fit on my Linhof Color.
Right ?

neil poulsen
20-Nov-2006, 01:02
The Singer Graphics don't have film pressure plates, like modern ones. But, they work well for me. I showed an image taken with one to someone who does 8x10 contact printing all the time. He mistook the image for a contact print!

Ernest Purdum
20-Nov-2006, 09:10
I've never used a Linhof Color, but if the groundglass frame is readily removable and there are two sliding pieces to lock a holder in place, this is the type of back you need.

Sergio Caetano
20-Nov-2006, 11:34
Thank you for the answers.