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19-Nov-2006, 13:09
Hi everyone,

my name is Daniel Venosa, Im a high school student and film photographer assistant, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . I began photographing 6 years ago and just got into LF!

My gear is:

-Pentax 6x7

-Pentax Spotmatic F

-Leica IIIc

-Nikon D50

-and my just purchased Toyo 45A ( with a Schneider 210)

For what I have seen this is a fantastic place full of helpful people and I hope to have a great time !


Daniel Venosa

sorry for my poor english

Ralph Barker
19-Nov-2006, 13:22
Welcome to the LF Forum, Daniel, and have a great time with your Toyo.

Ole Tjugen
19-Nov-2006, 13:23
Welcome, Daniel!

Don't apologise for "your poor English" - there are lots of people here with poorer English. Some of them don't even have the excuse of speaking any other languages... :p

Eduardo Aigner
19-Nov-2006, 13:55
Hello man!

19-Nov-2006, 14:08
Everyone:thanks for being warmly welcomed!

Eduardo: Eaí cara! Eu sabia que você estava em algum lugar por aqui, hahaha. Acabei comprando aquela Toyo de fole laranja, uma Scheneider Symmar S 210 e uns chassis Riteway numa loja do centro. Acho que tô bem equipado... :)

----------------------------ROUGH TRANSLATION---------------------------------------------
Eduardo: What's up man! I knew you were somewhere around here, hahaha. I've endend up buying that Toyo with orange bellows, a Schneider Symmar S 210 and some Riteway holders in a local shop. I think Im well geared... :)

Jay DeFehr
19-Nov-2006, 14:32
Wlecome, Daniel.

LF photography is in desperate need of young blood and fresh eyes. I hope you don't start emulating the kind of LF work done by the old men here. Show us your world, as you see it. Good luck.


19-Nov-2006, 14:38

Greetings from Vancouver, BC in Canada... welcome to the club!

This IS a great place to hang your hat for awhile. It's usually very informative and fun! :)


John Kasaian
19-Nov-2006, 17:17