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jerry smithson
26-Apr-1998, 17:48
New beginner in 4x5 B&W landscape photograhy, I recently purchased a Toyo AII 4x 5, Nikkor lense 105,210, 150, please give me advice on which to purchase for lan dscape photography in B&W filters- round filters, square filters,Polyester, glas s,gels 4x4 , 3x3, Compendium lens shade ???

Confused , help!!!

Marv Thompson
26-Apr-1998, 18:47
If you are really new to LF (emphasis on really), I would suggest that you buy a Cokin P series yellow and orange filter. Just buy the filter and hold off on th e holders and lens adapters at this point. You can hold these in front of the le ns by putting your thumb on the bottom edge and your index finger on the top edg e. Just hold it very close to the lens and try not to get any direct sunlight on the filter. Also, with the 105 especially, watch out for fingers in the way. U sing a long shutter relaese and the film darkslide in one hand and the filter in the other, you can shield the lens and filter from direct light.

Try some exposures using no filter, yellow and orange filters, making sure to co mpensate the exposures for the filtered shots. Then you can make side by side co mparisons of the same subject, taken three ways. I think, in the final analysis, you will find that there is little need for filteration on a regular basis. If you do see the need for constant filteration, then you can decide on a permanent filter system, and either go with the Cokin system, or one you have seen in the interm that you like better. Having used filters for a while you will have more practical experience to go by, because you will have actually made some exposur es and prints.

Doug Herta
30-Apr-1998, 14:45
Marv has given excellent advice. I use the Cokin P system with higher quality s quare filters from other filter manufacturers (Tiffen, Sing-Ray) that are design ed for the P system. It is an inexpensive way to hold filters in place, and you are not restricted to Cokin filters. The pricing of some filter and lens shade systems appear to be out of line with reality if all you want to do is hold a f ilter in front of your lenses (IMHO).