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Brian Ellis
17-Nov-2006, 18:21
I've been using the Unified View but since The Lounge has degenerated into a vehicle for various people to vent their political views I'd like to remove it from my view entirely. I'm sure there's a way to do that (i.e. leave everything else but The Lounge threads visible) but I can't seem to find the instructions for doing that. If someone would point me to them I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

17-Nov-2006, 18:29
log on
goto "my settings"
edit options

and down at the bottom are some instructions on how to exclude forums you don't want. The lounge will excluded whether you are logged in or not. Other forums will only be excluded when you are logged in.

17-Nov-2006, 20:54

Eric James
17-Nov-2006, 21:26
I suppose there are two types of people in the world: Those that read The Lounge and those that read The Lounge, regrettably - not sure where I stand.

Thanks for the beta, robc.

17-Nov-2006, 21:39
Yup, I have to agree with Brian...

And here, all along, I thought this forum was related/dedicated to photography!

My sad mistake!


17-Nov-2006, 21:52
I did it last week, and to quote the Alka-Seltzer adds: "Oh, what a relief it was."

Mark Carstens
17-Nov-2006, 22:30
Done and done!

Thanks, robc.

17-Nov-2006, 23:07
Done and done!

Thanks, robc.



Charles Hohenstein
17-Nov-2006, 23:50
I had a loungectomy a few weeks ago. :)

Brian Ellis
18-Nov-2006, 00:30
Ah, blessed relief. Thanks robc.

Frank Petronio
18-Nov-2006, 06:24
Sorry to be a hemeroid on your pure internet experience Brian.

Maybe we could open a new section about cars and 4x4s?

18-Nov-2006, 08:42
Sorry to be a hemeroid on your pure internet experience Brian.

Maybe we could open a new section about cars and 4x4s?

Cool... SuperSlide format - one of my old favorites!

Brent McSharry
18-Nov-2006, 08:45
Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou.

I have just applied the change and LOVE not having to read all that off topic political [so I don't get thrown out of this forum I will substitute with the word ...] junk.


Cool... SuperSlide format - one of my old favorites!
the funniest reply I have read in a while, thanks for a great chuckle.

Jorge Gasteazoro
18-Nov-2006, 09:16
Sorry to be a hemeroid on your pure internet experience Brian.

Maybe we could open a new section about cars and 4x4s?

The problem is that it is starting to become a habit Frank. I know a few people who do not visit this site anymore, or visit it less frequently because of your political rants. The problem is that these are very knowledgeable people in photography, far more knowledegable than you, of whom we are missing the benefit of their experience because of your posting political threads that have nothing to do with photography....

18-Nov-2006, 09:27
Is there a way to suppress individuals? I've seen that on other boards, but couldn't find it here.

Brian Ellis
18-Nov-2006, 10:52
Sorry, I didn't mean to stir up a controversy. The obvious solution for anyone with any will-power is to just not read The Lounge if it bothers them. But I don't have any will-power. I smoked until I got a heart scare, I've never stayed on any diet for more than a day, and my exercise programs have consisted of 10 minutes in the morning twice a week and I still couldn't stay on them. Despite many New Year's and other resolutions I never could resist peeking at The Lounge and then I was hooked. So for me the only option was to not see it in the first place. But if others want to post to it and read it, that's fine.

19-Nov-2006, 12:50
perfect example why we need to continue the Lounge.


19-Nov-2006, 13:11
Don't worry. I hacked into the mainframe, and have recovered this riveting exchange. To wit:

Jorge Gasteazoro: ASL?

Frank Petronio: ROTFL

Jorge Gasteazoro: WTF?

BrainShaw: Oh, PWNED!

BrianShaw: Eye M 1337 h4X0R

Jorge Gasteazoro: No way! I so freaked your firewall! :) :) :)

Marko: Como?

darr: You speak Mexican?

--------Brian Ellis Intermission---------

Jorge Gasteazoro: Dudez, that is so NOT Mexican.

Jorge Gasteazoro: Brian, I bet you download interweb prawn at 14kb/s.

brian reed: You talking to ME?

Paddy: I'm too feckin' drunk to read this or even care anymore. Tell that feckin' puffin over there to hurry up with my feckin' Guinness.

CXC: Hey kid! I'm a computer!


Henry Ambrose: Was Augustine of Hippo up in here 2-day?

Colin Graham: I'm rather grey today, M8.

Jorge Gasteazoro: *puts Augustine of Hippo on his ignore list*

19-Nov-2006, 18:01
LazyBoy, you slay... er, I mean SLANDER... me; I would NEVER talk like that... at least not in public.

BrianShaw, AKA BrainShaw

:) :p ;) :D