View Full Version : Condit Manual Availability?

David Crossley
17-Nov-2006, 09:19
Any of our group aware of original instruction manual availability specifically for the out of production "Condit" pin register/masking kit?

Searched high and low already and would greatly appreciate any pointers.

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

Brian Ellis
17-Nov-2006, 10:36
I bought a 4x5 pin registration/masking kit with hole punch new from Condit some years ago but I don't remember a manual coming with it. In any event, I don't have a manual but I know how to use it and if I can be of any help send me an email message with something like "Condit" in the subject line.

17-Nov-2006, 15:23
Sure wish I could help. But I can't.

David Crossley
18-Nov-2006, 08:53
Thanks Brian. I,m thinking too that the system did not ship with manuals out of the box.

The fellow that sold me this described the neg carrier/receiver as specific to the Omega D5, which to my eye looks a little ambigous in terms of fit.

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

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