View Full Version : Light leak using 545 on Wisner Tech-Field

Jim Rice
22-Apr-2000, 14:20
I'm having serious light leak problems using my old Polaroid 545 holder on a Wis ner Technical-Field with the spring back. The holder worked fine with my old Kad ak Master View (i.e. Calumet C-400) which I have since given to a friend. Is any one else familiar with this problem. Am I going to have to spring <groan> for a Grafloc back to cure this? I've tried e-mailing tech support at Wisner, and have not received a response. I am currently resorting to wrapping my focusing cloth around the rear standard, with iffy results.

Thanks in advance.


Richard Rankin
22-Apr-2000, 15:03
I have the same camera and use a 545i with no problems, although I have not used the Polaroid back extensively. I would check the area on the 'lift up' side of the back and see if the ridge is still all there and intact. If the light leak is on the other end, then I would think that you aren't giving the holder that last hard push. It requires a bit of effort to get the holder seated completely given the tightness of the metal spring clamps holding the back on this camera. I note this because I use Riteway holders with the buttons that require perfect seating and I often have to push the holder into snug position with a second push.

Anyway, the Wisner Co can be a bit slow on email but does answer eventually. I would suggest that you phone the 800 number for the East Coast office on a weekday afternoon and you'll likely get Ron Wisner on the phone - at least that has been my experience.

The grafloc back is $250 (I have one on order) and takes 4-6 weeks to get. I would now say I ordered it prematurely after an experience like you seem to be having. After many more shots, and now knowing that the camera is much more solid than I thought after coming from a bulky metal leviathan, I doubt I really need it. But it might be a bit easier for a Polaroid back or possibly a rollfilm back.

Cheers, Richard

Doug Paramore
22-Apr-2000, 21:06
Have you checked to make sure the holder isn't warped a little? Try laying it face down on a flat surface such as a kitchen counter and make sure it lays flat and doesn't wobble from corner to corner. Also check the light trap groove for trash and make sure there is no tape on the mating surface. Insert the holder and make sure it doesn't wobble when seated. Hope this helps.

james mickelson
23-Apr-2000, 20:51
Are you sure that the envelope over the film is re-seating properly? Sometimes you have to depress the lever to re-seat the envelope in it's clip. James

Jim Blecha
24-Apr-2000, 23:18

All 545 holders are not the same. Some have a locking lever on the roller cover which does not allow the holder to seat properly on some cameras...there just isn't enough clearance. Good Luck.