View Full Version : Wow - Bessa II with 105mm APO-Lanthar $4200

Vick Ko
15-Nov-2006, 20:03
Wow -

A Bessa II with the 105mm APO-Lanthar just complete an ebay auction for $4200.

Is this the same 105mm APO-Lanthar that one buys for LF, at around the $1K range?


David A. Goldfarb
15-Nov-2006, 20:59
Yeah, that's what it goes for. Same design as the LF Apo-Lanthar, but in a compact, rangefinder coupled camera, which if complete, should have a mask for 645 as well as 6x9.

I had a Bessa II with a Color-Heliar for a while--beautiful camera but was awkward for me to handhold (too left handed for me), and I was only interested in it as a handheld camera, so I sold it to a nutty collector and made a nice profit.

Donald Qualls
16-Nov-2006, 12:45
FWIW, the Bessa II is a *very* nice 6x9, but I don't think the Apo-Lanthar is *that* much better lens than the Skopar in my 1927 Voigtlander Rollfilmkamera -- and I could feed my Rollfilmkamera for about 50 years for what that Bessa II fetched...