View Full Version : Polaroid film and airports x-rays

15-Nov-2006, 15:44
Is polaroid type 55 or 57 film affected by airport x-rays, whether in the checked in or carry on luggage?

Donald Qualls
15-Nov-2006, 19:22
It should be affected just as much or as little as any other film the same speed. Generally, you do *not* want to put any film in checked bags, as they may be subjected to much higher radiation level scans than carry-ons. For US and European airports, 55 should be fine just going through the carry-on scanner, but 57, at ISO 3000, should be hand checked -- shouldn't be a big deal (at least in the US) if it's still in the original foil; if it's a partial box, you may have to open things up enough to show the film packets (which, fortunately, you can do without harm).