View Full Version : Anyone doing Platinum and or Kallitype printing and want to share your tips?

Scott Walton
22-Apr-2000, 12:34
Is there anyone out there doing Platinum,Palladium or Kallitype printing that wa nt to share some tips and procedures. I want to get into these and really want m ore info on where you get your chemicals, what paper stocks you like the most an d any other tidbits that you may want to pass on. I have been a pro shooter for some 25+ years and want to have this as my persona l project being that the Platinum is absolutely beautiful to look at! Cheers, Scott Walton

Nze christian
23-Apr-2000, 06:20
hello scott

I use to work only in platinum palladium for 3 years. so I can give you some help for this process. but if you want to know more about this process you can check www.bostick-sullivan.com or make a search for the alt photo list.

best regards nze christian

Carl Weese
23-Apr-2000, 14:36

I do a great deal of work in platinum and also teach workshops in the medium. If you have some specific questions I can probably help. You should also check the alternate process list where Pt/Pd printing is often discussed. Nze mentions B&S, you can also obtain Pt materials from Photographers Formulary, and I personally prefer to buy the raw materials and mix everything myself: ArtCraft chemicals is a good source for the metal salts, the sensitizer chemicals, etc.

Arches Platine, Cranes 90# cover natural white, and Cranes 32# Kid finish stationary in either pearl white or ecru are all excellent papers for platinum. I hope to put up some basic material about platinum printing on my website but haven't done it yet. The book "The New Platinum Print" covers everything and is available from PhotoEye. I'm co-author so I have to admit that was a plug. ---Carl

-- Website with online galleries and workshop information at: http://home.earthlink.net/~cweese/

Chris Partti
23-Apr-2000, 19:59
I've recently started in platinum/palladium, and it seems that suddenly there is a wealth of information available. There are several websites (I don't have addresses available now, but try a search) with information from basic to extremely detailed. There are a number of people doing workshops around the country (several have websites). Carl's book is excellent--a most comprehensive introduction. Dick Arentz has also recently published a very fine book ("Platinum and Palladium Printing" from Focal Press).

If you want to dive in and try it, probably the best way is to order one of the kits from B+S. These include adequate instructions to get you started. Aside from the kits and paper (which you can get from B&S--they'll even give you some free paper samples), you'll need some really contrasty negs, a clean paintbrush, a couple of sheets of glass (or a contact print frame), a few trays, a shot glass, a couple of eye droppers (B&S has them), and a sunny day.

Mike Kravit
23-Apr-2000, 21:35
Scott, You have some excellent advice here. I would suggest that you take a workshop from one of the many offered. The process is expensive and can be quite frustrating and trying until you learn the ups and downs. As Carl mentioned "The New Platinum Print" is a good book to read. Dick Arentz also has a book on the subject.

Check out David Michael Kennedy's site as well. www.davidmichaelkennedy.com David has a very well put together online manual for palladium/platinum printing. Read it carefully and try to absorb all that you can.

Good Luck. Mike