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Mr. Doyle
15-Nov-2006, 01:16
Wondering if anyone on this fine forum uses a 4/5 Graflex six sheet film holder. I have a few I have collected over the years and its all I ever use now even though they quite old and somewhat rare...got most of mine from flea markets and liquidation sales.
They keep the film nice and flat (no popping during long exposures), and they take up less room (I admit they are heavy). I used the quickload sheets for a while which were great, but found that mosture in the air made the paper on the quickload damp and cause marks on the film. You can also use the Graflex back in windy weather as there is no flimsy slide to flap about like the quickload.
Please feel free to share your thoughts..

Jay DeFehr
15-Nov-2006, 02:12
Hello Mr. Doyle.

I don't use the Grafmatic backs, but I do use 12 sheet Graflex Bag Mags in 3x4 format with my Graflex SLR. The Grafmatics are nice, and I'd like to have a few, but haven't made them a priority yet.


David A. Goldfarb
15-Nov-2006, 05:45
Yes, I have 8 of them, as well as 2 Kinematic 10-sheet holders. Do a search on "Grafmatic," and you should turn up a few threads on the topic.

15-Nov-2006, 05:56
I have several in 2x3 that I use all the time. I use my one 4x5 less frequently.

Glenn Thoreson
15-Nov-2006, 20:31
I use them in 4X5 and 2X3. I also use bag mags. I have one 4X5 and two in 3X4 - one 12 sheet version, and my all time favorite, the hard to find 16 sheet version.

Mr. Doyle
16-Nov-2006, 04:48
A sixteen sheet version. The blue dimond of film holders, I shall begin my search,,,,

16-Nov-2006, 10:13
Actually I need someone to help me fix a Grafmatic. I dropped it and the little semi-circular handle that is used to pull out out the dark slide has popped off. It seems to have been connected by three or four tiny rivets.

Mr. Doyle
16-Nov-2006, 12:04
Had the very same thing happen to me. Could see no other way to fix it except by sticking some Gaffer tape to form a tab where the piece broke off. Its not pretty, but works fine.

Jay DeFehr
16-Nov-2006, 12:16
A sixteen sheet version. The blue dimond of film holders, I shall begin my search,,,,

If I understand correctly, the 16-sheet holder is a (3x4?) bag mag, and won't fit a standard back. If I'm right, it would fit my 3x4 Graflex....


Glenn Thoreson
16-Nov-2006, 17:55
Yep, it's a bag mag. 16 sheets will certainly give you plenty to do. I don't know why I need 16 sheets most of the time. I have a 12 shot mag with three sheets still in it after two years. I need to get out more. :)

Jay DeFehr
16-Nov-2006, 18:03
Hi Glenn.

Are you, like me, a victim of too-many-cameras syndrome? It can be challenging to shoot them all with any kind of regularity. If you ever decide to get rid of the 16-sheet mag, please let me know.


Glenn Thoreson
16-Nov-2006, 18:25
Yes, Jay, too many cameras. I'll keep you in mind in case I decide to start thinning out.

Glenn Thoreson
16-Nov-2006, 20:28
Oh, my - I had a senior moment here. In other words, I goofed. I don't have a 16 sheet bag mag, it's 18 sheets. I got to thinking about that thing, so I pulled out the case with the 3X4 Speeds in it and looked. I have a few spare so-so 3X4 septums that are extras, if anyone should need them.

Jay DeFehr
16-Nov-2006, 21:33
Even better! But... did you say speeds? Are these bag mags for Graphic backs, or Graflex backs, as in Graflex SLR?


Glenn Thoreson
17-Nov-2006, 17:47
Jay, they are bag mags for the Graflex back. I have two Speed Graphics with Graflex backs - a 3X4 and a 4X5. Though they were available right up to the end of the Pacemaker line, you don't often see people using Graflex backs any more.

20-Nov-2006, 05:28
Grafmatics are quite useful I find, and I regularly partially unload/load them. If I have a holder with 2 sheets lefts to shoot, I remove the top 2, put the exposed bottom 4 in a safe place for processing, and reload the 4 septum with fresh film... That way I always go out "fully loaded" :D