View Full Version : Move photopermit.org to this site

14-Nov-2006, 23:01
With the spammers wrecking the photopermit.org site why not move it to a section of this site? It does get some good posts and some good information going as well as helpful commentary and experiences. This or a similar forum would be a good place for it to move to before the spammers kill it completely.

Ralph Barker
15-Nov-2006, 07:09
While we hate spammers, too, we don't do "hostile takeovers" of other forums. ;)

The owner(s) of photopermit.org probably need to make their own decision about how to deal with their problem.

Henry Ambrose
15-Nov-2006, 07:11

Whoever owns that board should spend more time policing it and if they don't then it needs to die a natural death. It seems to me that a fair number of posts there are unsubstantiated fairytales. And that's not including the spammers.

Jorge Gasteazoro
15-Nov-2006, 07:22

The guy that runs that site is a whiner.......