View Full Version : Center Filter for Nikon 150-SW

14-Nov-2006, 06:15
After owning this lens for a year, I've finally decided that I need to get a center filter for it. Since Nikon doesn't make filters, I wanted to double-check with someone here as to which one I should get. It takes a 95mm filter and it looks like it should be Schneider IV but there seems to be an IVa and IVb. I'm not sure of the difference.


Eric Leppanen
14-Nov-2006, 08:36


The 4A and 4B have correction factors of 1.5 and 2.0 stops, respectively. I would definitely go with the 4A since the Nikon has relatively good fall-off characteristics to begin with (better than the SS150XL for which the 4A is intended), and the denser 4B would further slow your shutter speeds without any meaningful benefit.

frank pinchak
15-Nov-2006, 20:53
Back off with your tripod; mark your groundglass to 3 x 4. Compose for this size.

I had trouble making 8 x 10 contact prints. Now I back off and compose at 7 x 9 and eliminate (by trimming) the underexposure on the edges.

See the sizes on prints by Weston, Stieglitz, Kasabier et al.