View Full Version : Enlarging lenses for landscape use?

22-Apr-2000, 01:20
I have to ask this because I have seen too many Componons (not the specialised M nor G series, just plain older chrome Componons) mounted in shutters.

I know that these were probably used for copy work, but I wonder if they perform well as taking lenses AT INFINITY.

Knowing that the Artars, Ronars, Repro Clarons, G Clarons and many many other pr ocess lenses make excellent far-use lenses, I wonder if the Componon (which is a plasmat like the Symmar) would work equally well? I understand that the big Com ponons are corrected for about 10X enlargements?

Someone extremely knowledgeable about optics whom I was discussing this with mad e a very good comment that its quite a wonder why we usually so willingly accept using a macro lens for longer range use in 35mm, but seldom do this in the larg e formats where it'll be more ostensibly more 'forgiving'.

Could folks who have tried this give some insight, and tips? Thanks!

Bob Salomon
22-Apr-2000, 06:30
You can try them and they will make a reasonable image. But nothing like the image from a lens designed to be used at infiity.

Just like that lens will make an enlargement that will blow away a print from a lens designed for infinity.

As for 35 and medium format the lenses usually have some type of floating element to reoptimze it somewhat.

But there is no true macro lens for 35mm that is as good at infinity aas it is at 1:1. A true macro is for 1:1 and greater and does not perform as well as a non macro at other ranges.

Also micro photography is 14:1 and greater and no true micro lens performs at infinity.