View Full Version : croppas...?

12-Nov-2006, 19:38
I was wondering...those of you who shoot 8x10...do you generally crop your images or no?

tim atherton
12-Nov-2006, 19:43
most times probably not. though sometimes very slightly. and occassionally quite a lot

Frank Petronio
12-Nov-2006, 19:53
Here, knock yourself out ;)

Ed K.
12-Nov-2006, 23:41
Either way. It's nice to be a purist and have a lovely uncropped contact print. It's also handy to crop when needed to fit a layout and handy when one envisions a 4x10 shot but has an 8x10 camera on hand with no trick dark slide. If a photo needs cropping to improve it after-the-fact, then why not? At least there is a lot of film there to do it from! Sometimes hindsight is better, and sometimes, the "real deal", the genuine as-shot article is better. Whatever works.

John Kasaian
13-Nov-2006, 08:50
What works for me is to see the 8x10 as window. Whats in the window is what I see and what I see in the window is all that is. I compose with angles and moves but selectively moving the edges after the fact bothers me, unless I find a 'picture within the picture' perhaps some detail that calls out for being a unique composition unto itsself, like jalapenos in a burrito.