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12-Nov-2006, 04:02
Hi Can anyone advise me on the best and longest lens and the best and widest angle lens I can set up and use easily for use on my Linhof Master Technigue V. Has anyone any experience of using very wide angle lenses on this Linhof with (upto) 5x4 film. I have had the camera for years (with a 90 & 150lens) but have hardly used it. I now no longer want to damage myself further carrying around a Sinar. Any ideas experience out there.

David A. Goldfarb
12-Nov-2006, 06:05
It depends on what you consider "easy." The widest lens I use on my Tech V is a 55/4.5 Apo-Grandagon. With a helical mount, you could go shorter than 55mm. Between 55mm and 65mm you need the wideangle focusing device (or I suppose a helical mount could work for that too). 72mm is the shortest you can use on the main rail in a recessed board without the wideangle focusing device.

The longest lens that can be cammed is 360mm, though you've got about 17.5" of bellows, so you can use as long a lens as you have bellows for, if you are focusing with the groundglass.

Scott Rosenberg
12-Nov-2006, 09:58
using an extension lens board, i shoot with a fuji 450-C on my tech. i've also owned a larger nikon 450-m and can not tell the difference in performance. the fuji is so small that IMHO it's the better option.

gary mulder
13-Nov-2006, 02:39
without exra devices probable 72mm - 300mm or 400 tele design

Brian Ellis
13-Nov-2006, 09:50
There is no "Master Technique V." You either have a Master Technika or a Technika V. For purposes of your question it doesn't make much difference, the cameras are essentially identical except that the top flap on the Master makes it easier to use front rise with a short lens.

Linhof's spec sheet for the Master Technika shows a maximum bellows extension of a tad over 15 inches and the Tech V isn't any longer than the Master AFAIK. I've never measured my Tech V and Master Technika but I've always assumed the spec sheet was accurate. If it is, and if you follow the guideline of having a minimum of an extra 15% of bellows extension beyond infinity for the focal length of your longest normal lens, then a 300mm or so lens would be the most common maximum focal length on a Technika (ignoring a telephoto design, which would probably get you out in the 500mm range). However, if you don't mind giving up a little close focusing distance you could go as long as 14 inches (350mm or so). The extra one inch will still get you fairly close, probably close enough for most situations given the fact that you don't usually buy a long lens mainly for close-ups. I use a 300mm Nikon lens on my Tech V and Master Technika, I've never tried anything longer, partly because based on the spec sheet anything much longer would limit my close focusing distance more than I want.

A 75mm lens in a recessed lens board is usable on a Tech V but front rise is limited. It's easier on a Master Technika, where the top flap allows more front rise. According to the Master Technika owners manual 75mm is the widest you can use on any Technika other than the 2000 without the close focusing device. That's the widest I've used on my Tech V and Master Technika. But obviously some people are going shorter than that. Don Kirby uses a 58mm on a Tech IV or V but I don't remember how he does that, maybe the way David mentions.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Nov-2006, 11:35
The extension of a Tech IV or later is about 17.5", if you count the back extension. I think the figure of around 15" is without the back extended.

Brian Ellis
13-Nov-2006, 16:17
Hi David - I wondered whether that was where you got the 17" number. I thought that I asked that question here or in another forum some years back and Bob Salomon answered by saying the 15" number included the back extension. However, the specs in the "Linhof Practice" book are "maximum bellows extension 15 3/4" and "camera back extension" 1 3/8", implying that the 1 3/8 is in addition to the 15 3/4 so you're probably right.

David A. Goldfarb
13-Nov-2006, 16:38
I just measured my Tech V, and I get 17" from the front of the lensboard to the film plane with the back extended.

14-Nov-2006, 05:35
Thanks for the advice. Yes I apologise (following Brians comment) it's a Master Technika. The camera has been carefully stored for around 15 years while I have used the Sinar but is now out of wraps so I want to extend my lens range then add to the 2 sheets of polaroid used all those years ago.

16-Nov-2006, 10:38
Sorry again for my ignorance but can anyone explain the wideangle focusing device. I have occasionaly had problems focusing with wide angle lenses on other large format cameras. Is this usually ok on the Linhof with such lenses?

andrew vincent
8-Jun-2007, 21:51
You can easily use the Schneider Super Angulon 47mm XL on the Master Technika or Tech V - just mount it on a helical mount. Linhof supplies these (they are, of course, expensive - around $300 last time I checked), but you can get nearly identical ones from hong kong on ebay for around $150. You don't want the wide angle adapter. It's a large clunky device that works fine (I used one for a while) but the adjustment knob will get in the way of trying to use a center filter or polarizing filter.

I've shot with a Tech V and a master technika using a linhof-branded Schneider 58mm XL on a helical mount with both the 3B center filter AND a 95mm B+W polarizing filter and gotten excellent results.

Alain Briot, the famous photographer and photography instructor who's written a bunch on Luminous-Landscape, etc., uses a 47mm XL on his master technika WITHOUT a helical mount for a lot of his spectacular images. I use one because I don't have his level of skill, and it makes life easier.

Re: longest lens, I use a Nikkor 300/9, and I think that is the longest you can safely use if you're interested in doing short range portraiture. You can still shoot a few feet from your object. With a 360 or a 450 (non-telephoto), you'd have to keep things further back because you run out of bellows. (I find that top hat extenders take up too much backpack space, but you'd certainly need one for a 450mm)


24-Mar-2013, 04:18
Sorry to drag this thread out from the past, but I've been looking to get a wide angle lens for my Technika V and have been going crazy trying to find the correct lens and lensboard for the wide angle focusing device. Given that I already have the focusing device, and would love to get my hands on a 47mm or a 58mm lens in the correct lensboard - a 2x3 lensboard?

Apparently this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/LINHOF-SCHNEIDER-Super-Angulon-47mm-f8-LENS-for-6x9-Linhof-technika-board-EXC-/300801306105?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item460927adf9) one only covers the image circle for a 6x9 and not the 9x12/4x5 format.

This (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-Schneider-Super-Angulon-XL-58mm-f-5-6-Lens-w-Linhof-4x5-board-jp11866-/160902698339?pt=UK_Lenses_Filters_Lenses&hash=item25768c5563) might work, but it appears to be the wrong lenboard for the wide angle focusing device. Getting it means that I'll have to change lensboards (maybe to the helical mount, if that's that it takes) - what tools would I need to change the lensboard?

24-Mar-2013, 05:23
I had a Technika V some years ago and traded it in for a Technikardan to get more movement, I'm not so sure if it was a smart thing to do, but both are great cameras to use. I found that the Technika V could be used with 75 to 355 lenses. My widest then was a 75 mm Nikkor and the longest was a 355 G-Claron.
The 75 mm was usable and it was also possible to use a 65 mm. I could not move the 75mm much around but the imagecircle was also limiting movements, tried a 65 that was possible but difficult. So my conclusion on the wide side was 75 was OK but just OK, but the 90 mm was in a way more in the "Technika comfort zone", The 355 mm was usable as long as I didn't have to focus closer then 5 meters, so I guess that a 300 mm will be in the "Technika comfort zone".
Hope this is helpful and Good luck to you, and it's a great camera.


24-Mar-2013, 06:05
Thanks, Trond! I'm not planning to go down the line of a Kardan. The 4x5 is more camera that I need now, and I don't plan to shift/rise/fall with wide angle lenses 65mm or shorter. I just need to find something wider than a 90 now. The 75 was something to consider, but I was thinking the 65 would allow for more extreme perspectives, as would a 58. There's a Schneider 65 f8 on eBay now, but I've been informed that it's a 6x9 lens that just covers the 4x5 neg. I'd love to consider a 75 over a 65 if it gave me more movement, but nothing's showing on eBay or forums at the moment...

25-Mar-2013, 12:13
How does Alain Briot use a 47mm Super Angulon XL on his Master Technika without getting his lens bed in the picture?

25-Mar-2013, 12:52
How does Alain Briot use a 47mm Super Angulon XL on his Master Technika without getting his lens bed in the picture?

One way is to tilt the camera body and use rear tilt to make the lens parallel (or wherever one wants).

25-Mar-2013, 23:33
Ah, that's what I suspected, but I wasn't sure. I'm new to LF, coming from MF and MFD with Hasselblad V and Hasselblad H4D. This opens up some interesting possibilities!

26-Mar-2013, 06:13
ghoonk, if you come to Ajman i will let you try my SA 72Xl, you may or may not like it, but i didn't use it yet since i bought it last month, later i will add another lenses when needed including 90mm.

26-Mar-2013, 06:16
The 72 is legendary. I'm afraid to try it, cos I know I will end up wanting one :)

Getting my hands on a 75 for the time being. My H4D is still my primary camera, but the Linhof does give things a different perspective of sorts. Would love to catch up with you someday soon, one gearhead to another :)

26-Mar-2013, 06:21
The 72 is legendary. I'm afraid to try it, cos I know I will end up wanting one :)

Getting my hands on a 75 for the time being. My H4D is still my primary camera, but the Linhof does give things a different perspective of sorts. Would love to catch up with you someday soon, one gearhead to another :)

Well, i never tried 72mm before and i bought it without thinking even i heard it may had some issues if you don't know how to use it and if you don't use a center filter, well i don't have a center filter and also my Lf body maybe is not suited for that wide lens.

I understand your point about MFD, i am also happy with my H4D and in fact i went with film MF and LF after i got my Hasselblad H3DII, then later traded in for H4D and i never stopped to think about film after all.

27-Mar-2013, 07:56
The 4x5 lens should vignette a lot less than the 6x9 version, I should think. I've just got an interesting offer for a 75mm nikon and it looks good. lensboard is the wrong size but I have ordered wrenches and am now looking for the appropriate lens board (74mm x 81mm).

Like you, the majority of my work is done on my H4D-40. everything else is experimental. And sometimes, interesting things come out of experiments :)

31-Mar-2013, 16:04
Good luck for us in 4x5 photography and digital MF.