View Full Version : 8x10 CAMBO on the fence

William D. Bartels
21-Apr-2000, 19:16
Hello, I need a little advise from any 8x10 shooters out there. I have the oppotunity to purchase an older Cambo camera. I am not sure of the mo del designation but this camera converts from 8x10, 5x7 and 4x5, has a load of a ccessories for the 4x5, bag bellows, reflex viewer,compendium lens hood,Graflock back with Boss screen, recessed boards,ect. It includes a 30" and 16" rails and is very light weight I am mainly interested in the 8x10 as I have been making z iatype contact prints from 5x7 negs. and would like to shoot 8x10 also. I shoot mostly lanscapes but also do studio work, still lifes and potraits. I am told le ns boards for the 8x10 portion are no longer available but it includes (6) 8x10 boards. I already puchased a 300mm Fuginon A lens from this owner and will get a 240 fuginon A with the deal. I currently shoot with a Linhof 5x7 Tech III. It i s a very nice camera but lacks front lens tilt an weighs 10 lbs. My question is should I sell the Linhof and go for the Cambo I beieve he wants around $1500.00 for the outfit including the 240mm Fuginon. I do think I would like the flexabil ity of this camera but I have seen straight Cambo/Calumet 8x10 cameras that sold for around $700.00. Any advise greatly appreciated. I know camera choice is a p ersonal thing but I seem to be gravitating to larger formats and contact printin g after having shot 4x5 for a year or so and 5x7 for only about 6 months. I also like the added movements gained with a monorail camera. Thanks Bill Bartels

21-Apr-2000, 21:41
sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. I love 8x10 and would jump on this in a heartbeat. good luck.

Chad Jarvis
22-Apr-2000, 08:42
I owned a Cambo SC 8x10 at one time. As I recall the only "geared" movement on it (does the SCX or the Lengend have other geared movements?) was for moving the front and rear standards to and fro. It was a great camera for the studio, but transporting that "lightweight" behemoth is a task in itself. All tolled, though, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. As I recall I paid $950 for mine with 8x10 and 4x5 revolving universal/graflock back. 30" rail, no lens. But sell a Linhof? For a Cambo? Isn't that like trading in your E Type Jag for a Mustang? Both have their places but are somehow on different strata.

Bill Bartels
27-Apr-2000, 23:27
Thanks for the response. I bought the Cambo and so far I am pleased. Found a couple pinholes in 8x10 bellows. (gaffers tape to the rescue) I am amazed at the weight for an 8x10. I still have my Linhof and will have to deside to sell it or let the 4x5 accessories go for the cambo . Thanks Bill