View Full Version : Linhof Master Tech 2000 / 3000 Conversion

Scott Rosenberg
10-Nov-2006, 14:28
good day,

i was just reading that on the Master Tech 3000, "The built-in wide angle focusing track can now comfortably be used by a turning knob which is placed at the outer right side of the camera body."

does anyone know if a MT2000 can be updated with this new feature?

if not, does anyone have contact information for someone who could better answer my question?


David A. Goldfarb
10-Nov-2006, 15:16
Call Marflex. You can find the current phone number on the HPMarketing website. You're more likely to get an answer by phone than by e-mail.

Scott Rosenberg
10-Nov-2006, 18:07
thanks david, i'll give martin a call.

Bob Salomon
11-Nov-2006, 05:42

At this time Linhof has announced no delivery date or cost for either the Technika 3000 or for the new Technorama 617SIII with dark slide and rise.

Until a product is officially available there is no information available on conversions of older or other versions to the new cameras.

All that were shown at Photokina were prototypes.

Ask again next Spring unless you see an announcement that the newer versions are available sooner.