View Full Version : Leaking Unidrums

Jim Rice
8-Nov-2006, 19:24
My three new/old Unidrums all leak. From tolerable (merely messy) to screen door. Should there be an o-ring of some sort in the cap? If so, does anyone know of an appropriate readily available substitute or any other solution? Thanks.

8-Nov-2006, 19:39
Yes, there is plastic o-ring (it is circular with "protrusions"). If you bought it new, there is a spare o-ring. Anyone knows where to buy replacement ring or substitute ring?

Glenn Thoreson
8-Nov-2006, 20:17
I'm unclear as to exactly which drum you have. If it's the Unicolor Print drum, it's a simple matter to cut your own new gaskets. The poly lids for 34.5 ounce coffee cans is the perfect material to cut from. Same thickness and the proper amount of "give". I'm not sure you can buy new gaskets for these.

Dirk Rösler
8-Nov-2006, 21:39
Same here. Mine leaks through the bottom, not the top lid, where the black lid part meets the beige drum. Is there anything that can be used to seal the seams?

9-Nov-2006, 12:14
to assure a good seal with your ring and the edge of the drum,
smear vasoline on the ring and seal/unseal/seal.

i have a roll film drum that leaked like mad, both through the
piston and the end that removes.

the vasoline does the trick every time :)

there used to be an article or thread that James Phillips wrote about repairing leaky drums,
but i can't seem to find it :(

good luck!

ronald moravec
16-Nov-2006, 06:22
They leaked when new too. Both versions.

Don`t leave the piston expanded as it compresses the o ring.

Get a new end seal or turn it over to fresh side or shim up the wedges that hold them with tape. Some resort to two gaskets.

Overfill and catch the drips in a 5x7 tray. This is about all you can do.