View Full Version : Linhof Color Kardon Rail End Caps

Michael Kadillak
8-Nov-2006, 10:56
I have a Linhof Color Kardon 8x10 studio camera with several metal rails of various lengths and I have been looking to acquire plastic end caps to take the edge off of the metal edge. A simple push in plastic cap that would stay in place by friction and cover the end of the rail. Several places I have found over the web are distributors and want to sell me 1,000 (only need about 12) and no hardware stores localy here in Denver seem to carry them. The internal diameter of the tubes is 1 3/4". Anyone know of where I might be able to get hooked up with some end caps that would fit the bill?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Salomon
8-Nov-2006, 11:57
That is about 68mm. 68mm push-on Kaiser rubber lens caps list for $8.10 ea. So do 70mm push-on Kaiser caps.

They are available in ones at camera stores. They may fit.

Michael Kadillak
20-Nov-2006, 20:39
Found my tube end caps at $1.40 each.