View Full Version : i need help please.

7-Nov-2006, 17:16
this has nothing to do with like any of the topics but i need MAJOR help.

i was loading my film into my SLR and i closed the back and took a picture but as i was rewind it made a tearing noise. after i rewinded it i open the back and saw that the film was completely rolled inside the canister!

does anyone know how to pull it out without exposing the film??
i also need to use it. that is why this is so important

Jorge Gasteazoro
7-Nov-2006, 17:28
Take it to a one hour lab, they have a machine that pulls the leader, I am sure they will be glad to do it for you.

7-Nov-2006, 18:06
you absolutely HAVE to use it?... Well, there is a tool that you can buy that extracts film that sticks plastic tongues inside the film cannister, however Jorge probably has the cheaper solution.

7-Nov-2006, 18:27

The film extractors only cost a few dollars but it may, or may not, work from the sounds of your problem. It has to be able to grab onto the film sprocket holes in order to work properly. And, since the tearing sound sounds like the sprocket holes being ripped... this may not work.

I'd also follow Jorges' advice and take it to a lab... they'll be happy to do it for you free of charge. Or, at least, they ought to!

BTW, you're in the large format forum... we don't have sprocket holes in our films. :)

Good luck.


7-Nov-2006, 19:40
Ilford make(or did make) and sell a film leader extractor. It doesn't need sprocket holes in film for it to work.
And don't buy a cheap clear plastic leader extractor which looks like the ilford one.
The clear plastic acts like a fibre optic and when you insert it into the film canister it fogs quite a lot of your film. i.e. the very dark dense colour of the ilford extractor is that colour for a reason. You have been warned. Easiest to take it to a lab.

Andrew O'Neill
8-Nov-2006, 00:30
Well, like, there is this thing called a like, an extractor like that costs a few dollars and like you can pull your film out...sorry couldn't resist! Soooo many of my students actually write essays like that...like. Seriously, buy one. You'll be glad you did!

C. D. Keth
10-Nov-2006, 08:36
I don't see the problem. Either you're sending it to a lab and they'll take care of that or you're processing your film in which case you can use a can opener and just pop the end off of the can in the dark. Problem solved.