View Full Version : deardorf camera

Ciline van Balen
20-Apr-2000, 17:42
I,m looking for a deardorf 8 by 10 camera. I live in Amsterdam, Holland and they 're not sold here. Can anybody help me find a second hand camera? Thank you !

20-Apr-2000, 18:44
First off is it specifically a deardorf you are looking for or is it primarily a 8x10 camera. Either way try places like ebay, or if like me you are not comfortable with online auctions, or prefer something generally eurocentric try www.mrcad.co.uk www.mxv.co.uk www.ffordes.co.uk sorry I can't provide any details of anywhere in Holland. However from my experience with the first two dealers' web sites, and with them they are very helpful, and may be able to supply you with the goods, or perhaps point you in the right direction.