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7-Nov-2006, 11:12
Any ideas on how to clean a ground glass? I'm sure Windex(tm) on the smooth side is fine, but it seems I got some fingerprints on the ground side. I did this with my Rollei 6008 screen as well and never did figure out how to get rid of them. I'd very much appreciate your tips.


Alan Davenport
7-Nov-2006, 11:22
More Windex. If you have a "real" groundglass, you won't hurt a darn thing by washing it, including the option of removing it from the camera and washing it in the sink.

If you have a plastic focusing screen like Tachihara's, be cautious about scratches, and particularly if there's a fresnel surface.

OTOH, fingerprints on the GG don't translate to the film.

7-Nov-2006, 13:38
OTOH, fingerprints on the GG don't translate to the film.

Well, that's why I haven't done anything to date. It is real glass, I'll try cleaning it tonight. I guess it would be hard to ruin, right? A diamond-covered scouring pad might not be good. =)

Thanks Alan!

David A. Goldfarb
7-Nov-2006, 14:42
Before you do that--do you have grid lines or format marks on your glass? If you do, Windex may wash them right off. They're often decals.

7-Nov-2006, 15:16
Yes, I have a grid. This is the original Wisner ground glass that came with the 11x14 camera. And I like the grid, so washing it off is not going to make me happy..... nice catch, David!


Brian Ellis
7-Nov-2006, 15:56
When I washed an old Agfa Ansco ground glass I did exactly what David mentions - washed off a lot of the the grid lines before I realized what was happening. So I'd check a very small section first before you plop a big dish cloth down on the grid side and start rubbing.

Alan Rabe
7-Nov-2006, 18:40
You might try a micro fiber cloth for cleaning CD's, glasses, and lenses. I have found they can remove some fingerprints without using a cleaning solution

C. D. Keth
9-Nov-2006, 14:32
I just wash groundglasses with dish soap and hot water and let them drip dry standing upright. :confused:

Brian Vuillemenot
9-Nov-2006, 15:45
The grid on Wisner ground glasses is etched into the glass, not a decal, so washing it with Windex is not going to harm it.