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Tom Must
7-Nov-2006, 10:27
I decided to register today as I want to buy the 4x5 bellows offered in the For sale section.I've enjoyed reading the articles and forum posts in the LF for a few years,quite a resource.I bought an old Arca Swiss recently.I am an amateur photographer.

Eric Biggerstaff
7-Nov-2006, 10:45
Welcome and enjoy the forum and your photography!

7-Nov-2006, 10:59
Stay a while..... Stay forever!

Ralph Barker
7-Nov-2006, 12:09
Welcome to the realm of the registered, Tom.

7-Nov-2006, 12:28
Greetings Tom,

Welcome to the forum... it's a great place to hang your hat for awhile! :)


7-Nov-2006, 12:41
Welcome Tom!

Tom Must
13-Nov-2006, 18:09
Thank you all for the welcome.It turns out that I was too late to buy that particular bellows,oh well,search and wait some more.If anyone knows of a Arca Swiss pre F line bellows for sale please contact me offline to inform.The condition of the bellows material is is unimportant,however the frames must be in good serviceable condition.I can get bellows made locally using the frames.
Thanks once again.