View Full Version : filters for Ektar 127/4.7

Denis Turbide
19-Apr-2000, 13:56
I was wondering if anyone knew the filter size or type used on this lens. I am awaiting a Crown Graphic 4x5 with this lens and was wondering if anyone had this information. Are they thread mount? If yes, what size? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks


Bill Moore
19-Apr-2000, 17:55
Denis, you need a series VI adaptor and retaining ring, the front of the lens is not threades for filters. The adaptor will press-on to the lens. You can convert the series adaptor to a threaded size, or just use series VI filters. These filters a unthreaded discs which are attached to the adaptor with a retaining ring. A large camera store should have some, although you may have to buy used ones, I don't know if they are still made.

Robert A. Zeichner
19-Apr-2000, 22:18
Denis, I think your lens is a 127 f 4.5 Ektar. If so, it takes a 38mm slip on type adapter. I think Harrison & Harrison still makes these, but if not, you should be able to pick up one used at a camera show. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find an acutal Kodak adapter! I got a couple of such adapters for my 203 f7.7 for $2 a piece!

Tony Brent
19-Apr-2000, 23:09
Series VI, like the man said. As I recall, the 127mm took a 1 5/8" slip-on adapter, and the 203mm took a 1 1/2" size. I dont know if there are any thread-on adapters. I have never seen any. You need to prowl through your camera shop's odds-n-ends bin.