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dominikus bw
6-Nov-2006, 19:36
My name is Dominikus BW, live in small town Pamulang in Banten, Indonesia. And I just throw into large format system, starting from last week when i purchase Sinar F1 from an old wise gentleman, and it's comes with standart bellow and standart rail, 90mm/f3.5 congo lens & 150mm/f5.6 & 210mm/ f5.6 Symmar-S from Scheider Kreuznach, 4 pcs 4x5 film holder, 1 pcs horseman 6x7 back, 1 pcs developing thany for 4x5 film and wista focusing loupe. And for all i just waiste my US$ 700, lot's of money for me... but it worthed for me...
Because it's comes with no instruction manual, so in last few days i just starting to learn how to use this camera, because this is my first time in large format system, 2 years before I use Hasselblad system and love it very much for the results with my old Durst 609 modified condensor and Rodensock lens, and now i will try hard to know how to use this Sinar to give me the same as Hasselblad gives to me...
That's all my introduction to all member here, and i'm glad to find this forum and hope we can share together...

Dominikus BW

Ron Marshall
6-Nov-2006, 19:41
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your Sinar. You have some good equipment there and you got it for a good price. I also have a Sinar and am very happy with it.

The front page of this site has lots of useful info for someone beginning large format.

Good luck.

John Kasaian
6-Nov-2006, 23:39
Welcome aboard!

7-Nov-2006, 00:08
Greetings from Vancouver, BC in Canada!

I have a Sinar X and absolutely love it... and the system! :)


Ralph Barker
7-Nov-2006, 08:46
Welcome to the LF Forum, Dominikus. You'll find many helpful people here, along with numerous helpful articles on the "LF Home Page" link near the top of the page.

tim atherton
7-Nov-2006, 09:14
although a lot of things about using LF apply across a range of cameras (like how to load film holders, mounts lenses to boards etc) and can be found on this site


here is a bit of info on the Sinar F:


dominikus bw
8-Nov-2006, 19:27
thank you guys for your welcome...