View Full Version : Linhof Technikardan 23 vs. Arca Swiss F-Classic C 6X9

Greg Liscio
6-Nov-2006, 14:55
Hello all,

I have pretty much decided to go to 6/9 format because I will be using roll film, and eventually will go to a digital back.

Can I have your opinions, please, on the Linhof TK23 vs the Arca Swiss F-Classic 6X9. I'm interested in:
- Flexibility
- Quality of Construction
- Versatility
Thanks for all the good input I'm sure I'll receive.


Jack Flesher
6-Nov-2006, 15:42
As for quality, you are deciding whether you want a Mercedes or BMW, they are both great cameras and priced like it...

The Technikardan: Has a rather complex fold up routine, but becomes very compact when folded; ample movements and axial tilts, but only focus is geared; is yaw-free when mounted sideways (don't ask unless you really need to know more); quite versatile, offers a variety of bellows and extension options but cannot swap formats.

The Arca: Does not fold as compactly as the Tech, but is fast and easy to set up once you develop a standard routine; the newer F-line is yaw-free; base tilt (a slight disadvantage to axial tilt IMO) but you can add optional "Orbix" front axial tilt; classic version has geared focus, metric version adds gearing to rise and shift; probably the most versatile and user-configurable camera on the planet including format changes.

Personal preference will drive which is best for you, but FTR I *had* a 4x5 Technikardan and now *have* an Arca F-Metric with Orbix... But I would take another Technikardan over an Arca without Orbix.


Jay Wolfe
6-Nov-2006, 16:51
I haven't used an Arca, so I can't comment. I did have a TK45 for a while and thought it was a maddening camera to use. I grew to despise it!

Another option you might want to consider is to get a 4x5 camera and use a 6x9 roll film back. This allows you the option to use 4x5 now or later and I would think a 4x5 would probably hold its value better over the long term. Downside, of course, is it will be larger in size and weight.

Frank Petronio
6-Nov-2006, 20:20
The Arca system is more adaptable to the medium format digital back you may get down the road. It is unlikely Linhof will continue to develop the TK whilst the Arca seems to have a following. Also the rear standard is more solid and more apt to be able to hold a heavier back. And you have the option of getting geared movements on the Arca, which are nice for 6x9 or digital because the moves are smaller to begin with.

IMHO, even though you didn't ask for it, you're better off going with 4x5 for the same money if not less, as you can buy a heck of a lot of 4x5 film for what all the roll film and digital stuff will cost you. 4x5 is actually a lot easier to focus and use movements with. And 4x5 doesn't get obsolete nearly as fast. By the time digital is affordable at the quality of 4x5, you'll have put a lot of pretty 4x5 films through the camera...

Bob Salomon
7-Nov-2006, 05:39
The 45 TK IS 1 LB HEAVIER THEN THE 23 and 4 sq " larger when collapsed.

But the 45 has 4 more inches of bellows and accepts any type of 120/220 roll back including 6x12 backs.

The 23 TK only accepts Linhof Super Rollex and Rapid Rollex backs so the 23 is less versatile and more expensive to use then the 45 version while being a little lighter and slightly smaller.

And yes, Linhof has expanded the TK system and continues to do so. The latest expansion puts any digital back for a Hasswelblad 500 on to either TK.

9-Nov-2006, 09:48
Hi Greg

I own the Tk23 and use it with Phaseone p45. Linhof introducet new adapter to it at photokina to fit Hasselblad H/V, mam645 and Contax so it is expanding. The main problem is that there isn't any sliding adapter availble the camera but Arca has one of the best sliding adapter on the market, the roadaslide for the most digital backs