View Full Version : 90 f/8 super angulon Linhof Tech

Don Sparks
20-Apr-2000, 09:32
Is a 90 f/8 super angulon Linhof Tech the same as the Schneider 90 f/8 super ang ulon?

Michael Klayman
20-Apr-2000, 09:38

Bob Salomon
20-Apr-2000, 10:26
Yes but it would probably be a very old one.

20-Apr-2000, 23:07
Older yes, mine is from the mid 60's and I presume single coated, but very servicable and less expensive than thier modern counter parts. Mine is in a Synchro Compur shutter, 0 sized. I had a "loaner" from a friend that was in a really funky, really SMALL shutter, I can't remember the brand. It was just plain hard to use it was so small, especially in the winter with gloves. I don't enlarge much bigger than 11X14, but the negatives made with the lens produce tack sharp enlargments to that size.