View Full Version : Where to purchase individual Lee GND's?

5-Nov-2006, 11:56
Hey Guys,

Where can I purchase individual Lee graduated neutral density filters (Both Hard and Soft)? BH and Badger only sell sets, and I believe Calumet only sells soft. Also, in the event that anyone out there recommends Robert White, I'd like to know whether or not there is an import fee.


5-Nov-2006, 12:03
I've bought most of my individual filters from Calumet, but you are right, soft is easier to get than hard. I've often thought about ordering from Robert White, and may yet. I don't think there would be an import fee on such a small purchase, but you never know. Perhaps, somone who has purchased from them would know.

5-Nov-2006, 12:13
why don't you order direct from lee filters.


Ted Harris
5-Nov-2006, 12:16
Are you sure that Badger only sells sets? If Lee sells them individually, which the do,then Jeff should be avble to order same for you. Call him. Same with Jim at Midwest.

C. D. Keth
5-Nov-2006, 12:23
You could always get grads from a motion picture supply place like filmtools.com. I believe they have filters, and lots more that might interest the LFers here.

5-Nov-2006, 14:57
Lee filters USA does not sell to private individuals. Badger can order individual filters, but it takes weeks for them to arrive, as well as costing $95 a filter. Anyone out there use Robert White?


5-Nov-2006, 15:51
Thats odd because lee filters UK do sell direct but if they have a USA distributor which obviously they do, then they probably don't sell direct to the usa.

Ted Harris
5-Nov-2006, 17:28
Also, in addition to Robert White in the UK you can also order from Mike Walker.

Juergen Sattler
5-Nov-2006, 19:54
I just bought individual ND Grads from B&H - you need to look more carefully - they are listed!

5-Nov-2006, 23:42
BH is out of stock on some of the ones I'm looking for... thus, my query.