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3-Nov-2006, 17:16
Need Help here.

I live in the Cayman Islands. Up til about 6 months ago, shops stopped processing E6 film. I've got around 60 rolls of used film in the freezer.

Bought a phototherm in Ebay. Seems that it works. I tested it. Temperature, time etc. It works. Problem is that B&H photo doesn't ship chemicals. Adorama doesn't ship overseas. Calumet tried but couldn't ship chemicals overseas. Porters, nope. Adray, nope. Beach camera, fat chance. broadway photo, Nada. Tri State Camera, Zip. Mike's Camera, nope. AAA Imaging, HA. JOBO, fat chance. pccraft, Nope. Kodak, they sent me to Calumet so nope.

After digging through the pile of dung, I found out that chemicals need to be shipped by people who have special certifications. E6 processing chemicals are considered Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Turn out, UPS doesn't accept HAZMAT from shops that aren't HAZMAT certified to pack the items. If they are certified HAZMAT certified shops, UPS will only deliver by ground. So, that didn't help me. Fedex delivers HAZMAT by air but for some reason the shipping cost is doubled. Among the stores mentioned above, only Calumet are HAZMAT certified. Hence they are able to ship anywhere by ground transport. Again, doesn't help me.

So, I've got 60 used rolls of film in the freezer and about 20 unused rolls of film. A Phototherm that is in working order with all the bells and whistles. It's a great find in Ebay. Again, I've tested the temperature, the time, the tubes etc etc etc it works. Great but I can't find anyone who would ship me the chemicals. I figured to ship it to Miami send it to a boat i.e. seaboard marine and send the chemicals by way of water.
Cost? $600.00 just for the shipping for 2 KodaK single use E6 processing kit. Called diversified imaging who sells phototherm got no response. Email tet something, got no response.

Anyone know any other way I can get these chemicals to me without paying an arm and a leg? Can I get these chemicals in powder form?

I've just got to bite the bullet and face the fact I can't get these chemicals huh.

Pretty frustrated. HELP!

Guess I might need to start using mailers.

3-Nov-2006, 17:42
Find out who sells mini-lab chemicals in your area. They might be able to get you mini-lab jugs of chemicals. Might be more then you want but usually better to get local then to worry about shipping.

OTOH various formulas have been published for E-6. If you're willing to do some testing that might be an option.

Ted Harris
4-Nov-2006, 10:42

Not all E6 chemistry requires the hazmat certification. Just the Kodak kits. The Tetnal kits do not and all but one (IIRC) of the chemicals in the Kodak kit do not. The one that does IIRC is the final hardner/fixer. I'd go look but all the chemical sa re still in boxes in the slowly emerging new darkroom so someone else help here plz.

Oren Grad
4-Nov-2006, 11:00
Per Ted's comment, B&H lists the Tetenal kits and there are no stated shipping restrictions. Did you inquire specifically about those products?

4-Nov-2006, 17:39

Thanks for your help. I didn't realize about the tetnal kit!

I'll call B&H on Monday.

I'll let you know.

Feeling pretty stupid right about now. I can't believe I didn't think of that!!!


Jerzy Pawlowski
4-Nov-2006, 20:11
May be it will be easier from Canada. Try JD Photochem: http://www.jdphotochem.com/
They are in Quebec.

7-Nov-2006, 16:28
Everyone a big THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!

Oren was right. I called BH and they shipped the chemicals via UPS!!!!!!!

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-Nov-2006, 16:33
Ted, Sorry, It was originally your Idea. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!