View Full Version : 2x3 recessed lensboard?

jeff ross
3-Nov-2006, 09:06
hello all

i have a schneider 58ssxl that i would like to use on my master technika linhof 4x5. i have a wide angle attachment, but my question is about a lensboard. do i need a recessed lensboard as well, or since i'm using the wide angle attachment, can i get by with a standard flat board? since the wide angle attchment steps down, it would have to be a 2x3 board, which i am having trouble finding one that is recessed. any suggestions?

David A. Goldfarb
3-Nov-2006, 12:50
There are recessed Tech 23 boards, but I don't know if they've been made recently.

That said, I use my 55/4.5 Grandagon-N on a flat board with the wideangle device on my Tech V, and it works fine. You could compare the flange-focal distance for both lenses to see if you've got enough room for the 58 SSXL, but I bet it will work.

I think you only would need a recessed board or something like a helical mount if you wanted to try a shorter lens, like a 47.

jeff ross
3-Nov-2006, 13:29
sorry, make that a super angulon.

thanks, david, i'm relieved to hear i can use a reg. board.