View Full Version : Tele-Arton Multicoating 5,5-270mm owner sought

Paul Schilliger
3-Nov-2006, 08:12
Hi, wanting confirmation that the lens I have in my hot little hands (all black version engraved "Multicoating" on the front rim) has been mismatched with the rear element of another Tele-Arton (these were declined in over 20 versions according to Schneider), I wish that somebody who actually owns that lens could provide me with some measurements, in particular the overall length and the diameter of the rear lens cell. Thanking you in advance!


Paul Schilliger
3-Nov-2006, 08:20
that's the one if it decides to show up...

Jonathan Brewer
3-Nov-2006, 12:29
Hey Paul what's up!!!!

I have an all black Tele-Arton 5.5-270(ser#12189746), and I've got it here in my hand, it DOESN'T have any engraving on the outside of the casing of the front cell, the engraving on the ring outside of the front element reads........'Schneider-Krueznach'.....

My measurements aren't exact, but are close, overall length of my lens screwed into its Copal #1 is 3 13/16"...............The diameter of the front cell(from the outer edges of the casing) is 2 3/4".........the length of the front cell casing is 2 3/8".

The rear of the rear cell is 1/31/32" from the outer edges of the casing..........
........the length of the rear cell is 1 1/8, this lens had it's original lens caps, and the Copal #1 shutter is black with a chrome shutter speed adjustment ring.

I'm not an expert on Schneider lenses, and can't speak to how these lenses either stayed the same or evolved in their configuration over time, but I hope this helps. I'd love to find out about the 'Multicoating issue', because I didn't think they were, but I could be wrong, let me know what you find out on whether you've been 'oakie-doaked'.

Paul Schilliger
3-Nov-2006, 13:06
Hi Jonathan!

Thanks for the trouble! I have found a tool to convert your inches measurments into milimeters, and the results prove that we are contemplating another species of that enigmatic lens! The multicoated one has a 67mm filter thread. The sample I have is in the 13,844,xxx series and has the engraving on the outside as on the pic above. It seems that the seller wasn't aware of the mismatch, he candidly thought that the elements inside had been displaced to produce a soft focus effect and sold it as such. And I bought it as such, but careful reasembling didn't take care of the problem, so I guess that what I have now is a mint Copal number one unless a miracle brings the proper lens cell to my door.

Nice to visit your webpage again!

Keep in touch!

Jonathan Brewer
3-Nov-2006, 13:23
Thanks Paul

Will do...........I'm sorry to hear about you getting 'stuck', can you recoup some of your money back? I hope so.

Take care