View Full Version : 5x7 color neg?

Benjamin Lord
16-Feb-2000, 23:14
Where can I get 5x7 color neg precut? Are there European suppliers? I know the f ormat is more popular there.

It is a disincentive to buying a 5x7 camera, which I am otherwise contemplating.

Ron Shaw
17-Feb-2000, 11:20
That is a big problem with 5x7. I really like the 5x7 aspect ratio, but the limited availability of emulsions keeps me from considering that format. It doesnt make much sense to me to lug around more weight and bulk if Im always using a 4x5 adapter. I dont know why its so under supported.

Jan erala
17-Feb-2000, 13:48
Change to 13x18 cm. This format differs just a few mm from 5x7. You have to buy new cassettes, but most sheetfilms are available in this format.

Jan erala
17-Feb-2000, 14:07
My Kodak price list tells that most BW and slidefilms are made as 13x18 cm, but in colorneg there's only Ectacolor ProGold 100 HC (GPH) and GPT (tungsten). Portra 160 seems to be done only in 4x5 and 8x10. I haven't check Fuji, hope they'll have a better sortiment.

Michael Bobio
5-May-2002, 16:33
Kodak 5x7 portra nc color neg film is availble on order from kodak, it comes only in boxes of 50 sheets and runs around $160.00. I order it from my local lab in new york and it takes around 2 days to be delivered.