View Full Version : Wista Tele/close-up adaptor ring set"B"

Paul Schilliger
17-Apr-2000, 13:36
Has anyone used the Wista Tele/close up adaptor ring set "B" (No 4569), the one that takes Wista/Linhof lensboards at the end of up to three (or more?) extensio n rings? I would like to have it more or less permanently attached to a Toyo rec essed Linhof adapter (to compensate and make the readings easier) and be able to add up to 4 or 5 rings to enable the use of long lenses. I wonder if the lensbo ard fitting is good and strong enough for everyday use? Also, where would be a good source for that item? Thanks!

Ray Dunn
17-Apr-2000, 20:49
I use the adaptor set you mention. I find it to be strong enough for normal use. It is a bit heavy, so it will definitely over-balance the camera when it it racked-out to maximum extension as when doing extreme closeups. The additional weight will also add stress to the lensboard adjustment mechanisms, so you must tighten movements more securely to keep them from moving. I bought mine used, mail-order. Look around on the web or call your favorite LF suppliers to let them know you are looking for one and they can keep an eye out for one.