View Full Version : Frozen Sheet Film

1-Nov-2006, 05:24

Just a quick question. I just ordered my first group of sheet film; transparencies, negative and polaroid films. Are these all ok to be in the freezer?

Norm Ray

Amund BLix Aaeng
1-Nov-2006, 05:29
The regular sheet film: yes.
Polaroid: NO, freezing Polaroids will ruin the developing pod.

John Powers
1-Nov-2006, 07:59
When you plan to use the frozen sheet film be sure to let it thaw out for some hours. Time varies according to your conditions. Film directly out of the freezer will produce a fog of condensation at room temperature. The same problem you have taking lenses out of a warm room into the cold.


Leonard Evens
1-Nov-2006, 08:24
I used to freeze film routinely. I was careful to seal them carefully and wait several hours for thawing before use. I didn't encounter any problems except when film had been stored for decades that way.

1-Nov-2006, 09:49
Do you keep it sealed in a package, like a plastic bag? My 120 and 35mm always has it's own packaging around it. When I thaw it out I leave it in the packaging until thawed. Does the 5x4 film have a sealed package around it? I ordered ready loads.

Norm Ray

1-Nov-2006, 10:49
I store unopened sheet film in the freezer simply in the packaging it comes in. All of the films I've used have the film wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box. After I open the box, I store the package in the refrigerator. You do need to allow the film to come to room temperature before opening it.

Donald Qualls
2-Nov-2006, 14:53
I'm more comfortable dropping the retail box into a quart freezer Ziploc bag. Can't hurt, and might help avoid condensation inside the box when it's time to thaw the stuff (not to mention cutting down on food odors soaking into the packaging).