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1-Nov-2006, 02:06
Anyone else noticed that nearly all the flame threads in this forum have as their main protagonists people who are either selling magazines, writing articles, selling workshops or some other method of marketing themselves on the forum.
They just seem to get each others or the memberships backs up with their antics.

I suggest a new forum rule: No forum parasites allowed. You know who you are.

Walter Calahan
1-Nov-2006, 04:37
Parasites of the world unite. HA!

Now I have Large Format ocean front photogenic property in Wyoming to sell, does this allow me to strike a match. Grin.

Robc, please join me in making fun of the flamers!

Dan Fromm
1-Nov-2006, 04:43
Rob, why are you trying to initiate a flame war? Which type of arsonist are you?

1-Nov-2006, 05:01
I'm just making an observation with a suggestion for a new forum rule. You know, like the notices you see in shops saying "No pimps or hawkers".

1-Nov-2006, 05:27
I noticed this a long time ago - long pre-Internet. People with something to sell seem to inflame some other people. Fred Picker had lots of detractors. Michael A. Smith seems to attract flame wars. It seems that folks trying to make money, particularly those who actually do, draw criticism. I say this without taking the side of either the seller or the critic.

Ed Richards
1-Nov-2006, 06:26
I think the forum would be a lot less interesting if it were only hobby shooters. Nearly everyone who is trying to make a living from LF photography has something to sell, whether it is prints, workshops, or mags. These folks are critical to interesting new shooters and to pushing the state of the art.

Frank Petronio
1-Nov-2006, 06:28
damn socialists!

1-Nov-2006, 07:13
Nothing wrong with being a socialist.. after all, as according to the nobel prize winning economist Polanyi, a completely free market is an impossibility as societal pressures and protectionism inevitably shift markets back into control anyway. That being said, I am really sad to see this going on. Usually I like hanging out here because the people are both helpful and flame less. It's my opinion that APUG and photo.net tend to be more flamey. I came here for peace and quiet and a lack of edrama. It's also funny to see great threads like to portraiture thread coexisting with the flames.


1-Nov-2006, 07:41
Except if you need really good medical care....

1-Nov-2006, 07:46
you mean if you need really good medical care and if you have cash...

1-Nov-2006, 09:03
I'm a newbie and a bystander. I want to weigh in with my perceptions about this flamewar as someone with no real knowledge of either party and no relationship at all with either. If, as a mental exersize I take either party's side and believe every word that person says as gospel, it still remains that there is an obvious conflict of interest. The basic premise about flawed moderating here is supported by the content of that thread.

Frank Petronio
1-Nov-2006, 09:30
That the thread exists at all points to pretty easy going moderating. Some of the comments, even if they are valid, are borderline libelous and if someone had a real thorn up their ass, rightly or wrongly, there could be legal $$$ scuffling.

Remember that all of these internet forums are worth the paper they are printed on. The best advice comes from when you hear it repeated from 4-5 proven, experienced photographers rather than trusting any one source as being an expert.

If anyone has a vested interest, or a conflict of interest, it is more about vanity than any great financial reward. Nobody is getting rich from large format photography, yet people blow their tops over other people's choices of developer or whether an image was modified in Photoshop.

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Nov-2006, 09:37
Most of the flame wars seem to be between a few people, there are MANY photographers on this forum who either make their living as photographers or are serious about their craft who don't engage in the flame wars.

Some of the wars I find interesting, others are simply stupid. But the few should not ruin it for the rest of us.

I think flame wars happen when ego's get bruised, for what ever reason. When people are passionate about what they are doing, it can be difficult when others don't agree with their point of view. Then it becomes a tit for tat to see who can sling the most mud.

I missed most of the flame war from last night (dang it!) but it must of been a good one!

Kirk Gittings
1-Nov-2006, 09:39
These forum "parasites" (I guess I qualify as one since I have announced my openeings and book releases here) are also some of the most knowledgeable and frequent contributers on the forum. The flame wars represent a very very small percentage of their contributions.

These internet forums are worth the paper they are printed on. I wouldn't take it seriously. Take Petronio for example, his flame war contributions are minute compared to his frequent sarcasms.

Michael Gordon
1-Nov-2006, 09:44
For those of us not enmeshed in the politics of this or that forum or enterprise, these "flame wars" provide great entertainment value. I say leave it all alone. The threads will die on their own when one of the protagonists chokes to death on his/her own foot.

For those that find such threads bothersome, there's always the option to not look.

Joseph O'Neil
1-Nov-2006, 09:46
Maybe we should have a new forum, just below "The Lounge" called "Pissing Contest". :)

Only entries allowed are ones guaranteed to upset somebody else. Profanities not only allowed, but required. Just think of that old Monty Python skit "I want to buy an argument", but on steriods, and wee bit meaner. Might be good therapy for some people, and entertainment for others. :)


1-Nov-2006, 10:05
Take Petronio for example, his flame war contributions are minute compared to his frequent sarcasms.

Funny, I find Frank to be one of the most entertaining personalities here and not irritatingly sarcastic. I guess I agree with his observations in general. ;)

Re: An Observation

In one of her first speeches to the League of Women Voters, Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying: I am reminded of what someone once said about looking at an elephant. It is impossible to ever see an entire elephant from one place - you have to walk around it. If our elected leaders are to be truly effective, they must learn to look beyond what is in front of them.

Just a thought ...

1-Nov-2006, 10:41
It's always about Ego. Nothing else.

1-Nov-2006, 10:47
I'm a bystander, too.

But, by coming here, I figure I don't have to buy People magazine or the Enquirer anymore and therefore have more money for film and processing ;-)

Scott Davis
1-Nov-2006, 11:39
The only problem with the "pissing contest" forum is that it would quickly devolve to three people having at each other. Eventually they'd get bored when they only have each other to irritate and don't get the attention of an audience. It would spill back out anyway. Either that or die out, but the folks who would play in that sandbox are too stubborn to quit so I think it would be the former.

Brian Ellis
1-Nov-2006, 12:07
"Nearly everyone who is trying to make a living from LF photography has something to sell."

And those who don't have a hard time making a living at it. : - )

1-Nov-2006, 13:14
I missed most of the flame war from last night (dang it!) but it must of been a good one!

Yes it was... and it makes me damn glad that I'm illiterate.