View Full Version : Safelight issues

Robb Reed
16-Feb-2000, 19:28
In reference to darkroom safelights, to what do the initials 'OC' refer?

Pete Andrews
17-Feb-2000, 06:40
It's an old Kodak-Wratten designation for a yellowy-orange safelight filter. In other words a "standard" orange B&W printing safelight.

N Dhananjay
17-Feb-2000, 09:21
Just a guess. Orthochromatic, perhaps? Signifyig its safe for using with orthochromatic materials..... DJ

The Masked Informer
17-Feb-2000, 09:56
More safelight info at:

Kodak's safelight Techinfo (http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/ti0 845/ti0845.shtml)