View Full Version : Thanks Frank, Jim, Ole, et al!

Ken Grooms
31-Oct-2006, 19:47
I just bought my camera/lens from Ebay, using your advise (including patience!).

Thank you all so much! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I got a 4x5 Toyo and 210 f/5.6 Rodenstock lens (plus 5 film holders) for $400!

Did I do good or what?!

Check it out, guys - and THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING A NEWBIE!

Please suggest a good HEAVY DUTY tripod/head combo! Thanks!!!:)


Frank Petronio
31-Oct-2006, 20:00
Looks like you did real well for yourself, congrats on the good buy, you did much better than average!

On the low end, B&H sells a classic Star-D tripod for $99. They get the job done, as do most of the better Bogen/Manfrottos in the $200 range.

A lot of folks here like the $700 Gitzo 1325 with the $450 Really Right Stuff B-55 ball head with Arca-Swiss plates. They are nice. But you don't really need one to make a good photo.

31-Oct-2006, 21:06

Congratulations. I'd say you did pretty well with that transaction! :)

Now, all you need to do is to buy some film, a dark cloth (which you can easily make,) a meter, and you're all set to go. :)

As for a tripod, you can find a really decent 475 Manfrotto on the bay for about $250 or so. Otherwise, a Gitzo carbon fiber 1325 will cost you about $475 on the bay at the moment.

Have fun!


Brian Ellis
31-Oct-2006, 22:10
I don't know whether you equate "heavy duty" with "heavy" but if not you should look at the Feisol tripods. www.feisol.com. I just bought the CT3301. Carbon fiber, weighs about 3 pounds, rated for 15 pounds I believe. Should be a great tripod for hiking and at $210 including a carrying case, leg pads, and shipping it cost about a third of what my Gitzo 1325 cost. It seems very well made and the collars are easier on the hands than the Gitzo collars. Of course only time will tell whether it stands up to hard use like the Gitzo has but just from using it a couple times it seems like a great buy to me.

Ken Grooms
1-Nov-2006, 19:29
What is a good (air?) cable release for a Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm lens mounted in a Copal 1 shutter?

Jim Rice
1-Nov-2006, 19:44
Just about any cable release should do for your Copal # 1 (or any Copal, for that matter) in terms of throw length. More expensive ones tend to last longer. Pnuematic releases can be a tad more problematic as the cylinder diameter can interfere with the lensboard. BTW my 210 Sironar-N was an exceptionally fine performer. You done good.

Ken Grooms
1-Nov-2006, 19:48
You guys really are the best!

Greg Lockrey
1-Nov-2006, 22:56
I second the Fiesol brand for your tripod. They are close to Gitzo, half the price, and twice the customer service. I got mine from Taiwan in 4 days to Michigan.

Ken Grooms
3-Nov-2006, 18:51
Should I try to find an instruction manual for my 45D, or is it useless?