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Peter Lewin
31-Oct-2006, 14:32
I'm returning to LF photography after a 5-year break (Any Freudian psychologists who want to analyze this are welcome...after early retirement, I seemed to substitute bicycle racing for photography, but have now "returned to my senses" and taken the darkroom and cameras out of mothballs!). I have three unopened and one open 25-sheet box of 4x5 HP5+ in the freezer, but they all have expiration dates in 2002. In general, should they be usable or not? (I will know for sure after I process a few, but I hate going out to shoot if it is unlikely that the negatives will be usable.)

Terence McDonagh
31-Oct-2006, 14:35
I use unfrozen Ilford film daed 2001 that is just fine. Frozen should not be an issue at all. I recently used a 35mm roll dated from 1997 that had slightly higher base+fog.

Ted Harris
31-Oct-2006, 14:41
Usable .... as long as they have been continuously frozen. It is highly unlikely that you will any change from new.

31-Oct-2006, 15:06

I agree with Ted... it shouldn't be an issue if it's been in the freezer.

It may smell of chili if that's what you froze it with though! :)


31-Oct-2006, 15:58
Ilford films have a remarkable frozen lifespan. I can't compare it to other films other than to say that I regularly read about long frozen Ilford films that still work great. I've used outdated film without problems in the past. As the other have stated, as long it was kept frozen, you should be able to use it for a very long time.

- Randy

31-Oct-2006, 17:09

How long past the expiration for E-6 films would you all be willing to be confident with?

31-Oct-2006, 17:15
i use E6 that is out back to about 2003 with no problems. i would use older stuff, i just do not have any. i love expired film. i get it for a song, and i can shoot alot more because io have more money for processing. sometimes i lash out and get fresh film if it is really really important.


Peter Galea
31-Oct-2006, 17:17

How long past the expiration for E-6 films would you all be willing to be confident with?

I shoot 8x10 Ektachrome that's been frozen but went out of date in 1998.
It's fine for personal projects.

Donald Qualls
2-Nov-2006, 14:51
I have some 9x12 cm Tri-X (TXT) that expired in 2001. The box I'm working through now has never, AFAIK, been frozen, and it's still just fine; there's another box in the freezer and I'm confident it'll be fine when I thaw it out in another year or so.

No, I don't shoot 9x12 cm much, but I should get out and burn some; I've got one plate camera I haven't even tested!