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Brent McSharry
31-Oct-2006, 01:51
I have always tried to support he local camera stores, wherever I have lived, and currently there is a lovely older couple that run a local store (I live in Australia).

However, recently, they were unable to order in fuji Astia 4x5 quickload from the supplier. Astia is my favorite film! I am currently stuck with velvia and provia and bad luck if I don't need super saturated (and to me often artificial) looking images. As importantly, I have shot astia for years, and am very familiar with its reproduction characteristics.

Some of the US sights have quickload astia for under half the Oz price, and more importantly, they actually have it! Does anyone have experience mail ordering film nationally and internationally? Can 100ASA get fogged at all with all the X-rays on posted items? does post vs courier make a difference as to how irradiated the film is?

Taking a shot on pre-fogged film would be truly upsetting, but so is not having any astia!

Thanks in advance.


31-Oct-2006, 02:15
There are quite a few poeple who order by mail, you shouldn't have any problems. I use either US Mail or FedEx, and have never had any problems with x-rays.

Stewart Skelt
31-Oct-2006, 03:17
Hi. I too live in Australia and I have ordered film from locally, US, UK and Europe. Never had a problem yet with fogging although I have usually bought Velvia 50. I tend to avoid the summer months here as I worry about it cooking in transit.

31-Oct-2006, 03:54

I order my Fujichrome from Jeff at Badger Graphics... they ship it to me in Canada and I've never, ever had any problems with fogging or that sort of issue. Here's their website:


Furthermore, Jeff is pretty easy to get along with!

The other company that is really reputable is Midwest Photo Exchange. Jim will look after you for all your photographic needs. IIRC, they carry Fuji products. Here's their website:


Again, Jim is another great guy to deal with! :)


Ron Marshall
31-Oct-2006, 06:06
Another vote for Badger. I have dealt with them on many occasions and always been completely satisfied. They always have shipped promptly and well packaged.

Jerzy Pawlowski
31-Oct-2006, 19:12
One more vote for Jim at MidWest Photo Exchange. Also have very experience with Freestyle shipping to Canada.

Jim Rice
31-Oct-2006, 19:39
I use Jim for used equipment (which is the only kind I buy) and Jeff for film. The Badger site just seems easier to find film on.

Diane Maher
31-Oct-2006, 19:42
You might try Megaperls in Japan. You may be able to get Astia from them in 4x5 sheets. Their website is http://www.unicircuits.com/

I have ordered 8x10 Fuji Acros (ISO 100) from them and had it shipped to the US and it arrived just fine. This is the only way I can get this particular film in this size, by the way since Fuji doesn't sell it in the US in loose sheet boxes.

Jim Rice
31-Oct-2006, 19:44
And I also bought my beloved Ries J-100 from Jeff, so I guess that means I sometimes buy new.

Brent McSharry
1-Nov-2006, 00:34
Thanks for your replies.

I have used Badger before, and also not had any problems with camera gear. I'll give Jeff a go with film.

John Quinn
1-Nov-2006, 23:58
For the last 3 years I have purchased nearly all my film from B and H in New York. I have it shipped to Adelaide by FedEx or US mail. It usually takes about five days toget to me and has always arrived in perfect condition. I usually buy about 5 boxes of 50 sheets to defray the freight charges. Works out a lot cheaper than trying to get LF film locally.
John Quinn

Donald Qualls
2-Nov-2006, 14:57
I get virtually all my film from Freestyle, J&C Photo, and from eBay sellers; I've never noted a problem with fogging (though I don't get it shipped internationally). Australian customs would be where there would be a problem, if there's going to be; they're the ones most likely to x-ray the stuff.

FWIW, ISO 100 has no problem with a limited number of trips through carry-on bag screening, but I haven't any idea what if any x-ray screening is applied to international mail. However -- do be sure to check the shipping cost before you order; some vendors ship by only one company, who may not have the best rates, or might charge some ugly handling fees for customs clearance, etc. If the package isn't too heavy, USPS International Letter Post is about the best deal going -- travels by air, so typically runs inside two weeks to anywhere, and the rates are a lot cheaper than Global Priority, UPS or FedEx.

2-Nov-2006, 18:16
I have film (Tri-X, TMX, Kodak E100VS 4x5 and 8x10, Fuji Velvia , Astia) shipped from Badger Graphic and B&H to the West Indies all the time. And, as they say down-under, "no worries."