View Full Version : K-25 Folmer Graflex Links/History

30-Oct-2006, 19:53
Was just gifted an excellent condition K-25 with case. Would love to learn more about it. The gifter was using it about 20 years ago for mapping work. The film he was using was Kodak Vericolor III, ISO 160, VPS 120. Adapted a Mamiya 6x9 Roll film holder.

Am finding limited information on the internet. As a former pilot and WWII Historian am interested in anything you experts can provide.

My best regards to the forum,

John Stiles

John Kasaian
30-Oct-2006, 21:52
Call Ed "Mr.Foto" who sells frozen 5" wide Kodak aerial roll film on ebay. He has quite a selection & very reasonably priced. PM me for contact info.

Ernest Purdum
31-Oct-2006, 11:29
I can't rell you much at this moment except that Graflex was quite active in providing photographic equipment during both workd wars. They were part of the Kodak empire during the first one. I've got something on Graflex's war work somewhere. I'll look for it.

Dan Fromm
31-Oct-2006, 11:49
Not directly revelant to the original question, but possibly of interest: http://pws.prserv.net/varney/20cms/cameras.htm