View Full Version : LF/ULF jungle photo~tour in the Philippines?

Renee Galang
29-Oct-2006, 19:29
Hello Folks
I am establishing an ecotourism in Panay island in the Philippines. This will include day trips and extended camping trips in the middle of the jungle for 5 or 10 days. The camping trips are expedition type activity. You will trek through virgin forests and when you reach the mountain tops will give you an idea on how far you have walked! Along the way you can take photos you want. I normally do this with my conservation biology fieldwork and I take with me a 4x5 camera but next year I will be taking with my cambo monorail 11x14!

My target market is really adventure tourists but I am more than happy to organise a small photo-group if you folks are interested. I am a largeformat photographer myself and my latest work will be publish in a scientific journal in November.

The package will include porters to carry your stuff. My prices are AU$500/1 wk, AU$1000/2 wk and AU$1500/3 wk guided tours. My website will be up soon but you can pm me if you are interested.


Donald Miller
29-Oct-2006, 19:47
Interesting. I am making my first trip to the Phillipines in Jan-Feb 2007. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

Renee Galang
31-Oct-2006, 02:03
Thanks, am going to be there aswell, if you are visiting Boracay island I might meet you there and have a few beers.........

David A. Goldfarb
31-Oct-2006, 06:37
Sounds great. My wife is Filipina, so we'll probably be going there at some point in the next few years. If you're still leading eco-tours, we might make a side trip.

31-Oct-2006, 08:07
A very interesting idea. Last time I did something of this kind was on Sulawesi, 91. A guide interested in photography is already worth a lot. Hope you will do well with the idea!

Renee Galang
31-Oct-2006, 15:46
Thanks GPS! The jungle is quite an interesting place to photograph. So many subjects, I should really say endless subjects to photographs. Massive trees growing on massive rocks is my personal favourite. Giant rockslide is another, waterfalls that no one has photographed before is always charming. Part of the reason why I do ecological fieldwork there is to document the wilderness using high definition video camera and large to ultra large format cameras. It is a great mountain range and I am the only one (so far) in history that has gone inside and photograph it!

This is a life long project of mine and for sure David G you are more than welcome to come over.
My website is www.rafflesialobata.org this website will be fully activated ver soon.