View Full Version : Photo labs for LF film in NYC or NJ?

29-Oct-2006, 18:47
Hi all,
I need to find a photo lab who are capable of developing color slides. I know that it would be little expensive, but i guess i dont have any choices for now. I asked B & H long time ago, if they care about 4x5 color slides and they said they dont. Now, i do not know where to go...please tell how you guys do it. Are there any members from New York or New Jersey who knows where i can trust with my films? if there are cheaper places that i can go to? are there some places that i can send through by mail?


29-Oct-2006, 20:21
I used to use Duggal for a lot of stuff since they were very close to where I used to live. They did pretty good work on B&W, and color processing and custom printing, although they were not necessarily what I would call cheap.

Baboo is also pretty good to deal with, and is a smaller operatioon that Duggal, which I prefered. They do a lot of fashion work (as does Duggal).

MV labs is reported to be probably the finest B&W custom lab in NYC.

There is also Modernage, and Spectra.

I have not dealt with Modernage, but I have used Spectra quite a long while ago (about 10 + years), and I was not particularly thrilled with the results.

Also, all the work that I had done at those labs was 35mm Negative and slides. Duggal and Baboo deal w/ LF too though (or at least they did).

Frank Petronio
29-Oct-2006, 20:26

My friend Edgar Praus has a dumb URL but his lab, Praus Productions, specializes in mail order custom printing and processing. He is in Rochester, Kodak uses him to test, and he always runs "by the book". He does E-6 pushes and pulls and all that too. And decent B&W which is rare.

Not the cheapest but you don't want to be using the cheapest for transparencies. What you want is consistent standards. If the cheap lab sqeezes your sheets in last, after the chemistry is exhausted, then you are... screwed.

David A. Goldfarb
30-Oct-2006, 05:34
All the labs mentioned above are good labs. Lately I use Duggal for LF E-6, because they seem to be doing a consistent volume of sheet film processing and are producing consistent results.

Walter Calahan
30-Oct-2006, 06:45
A great E-6 lab on the east coast (overnight FedEx shipment away) that processes my film is Capital Color in Arlington, VA. Shooters from all over the US send them their film.


Kirk Gittings
30-Oct-2006, 07:56
I agree with Frank on Praus. He recomended them to me a couple of years ago when I was in a bind and I have found they do excellent work with old fashioned professional, personal service.