View Full Version : My new babies; ID help Please

Steve H
27-Oct-2006, 05:57
I was lucky enough (or sounded despirate enough) that a VERY kind member of this board gave me a deal on these two lovlies:


The first one I am familiar with (12" Soft Focus). The second one however, I have not seen before. It has a focal length of about, 3" or so. Also, it looks like it unscrews 1/2 way down the barrel, where another element set sits; any thoughts on this ?
They're both most likely going to go to Carol to get a CLA, then I should be in good shape. I am kinda leary about putting the copy lens on the F2 however, as it is REAL heavy (Makes my 150mm Rodenstock look like a midget lens !).

Thanks !

Dan Fromm
27-Oct-2006, 07:08
Steve, the Wollensak-Dumont lens is an oscilloscope camera. DuMont was an early TV and oscilloscope camera lens. long out of business. It most likely has very limited coverage. Before you put more money into it, try it out as best you can. You may be able to use its shutter with another lens.



Steve H
27-Oct-2006, 10:27
Thanks Dan.
I honestly bought the second one to use the shutter with my DIY lens; so the Oscilloscope lens was just an extra that came with that shutter.

Glenn Thoreson
27-Oct-2006, 18:03
Does the shutter have threads on the back, so you can mount it? A lot of those Ilex O-scope shutters did not.

Dan Fromm
27-Oct-2006, 19:01
Glenn, its an Alphax.

Steve H
28-Oct-2006, 07:20
It does, here is a photo from the side: