View Full Version : Super Angulon vs. Caltar II-N/Grandagon

26-Oct-2006, 19:46
I'm currently using a 75mm/5.6 Super Angulon that I'm borrowing from my school. I have recently seen a 65mm/4.5 Caltar II-N for sale, which I assume to be a rebranded Rodenstock Grandagon.

I am very much impressed with the sharpness and contrast of the 75mm. I'm shooting mostly 6x9 and 6x12 with a rollfilm back, and while I like the angle of the 75mm, I think I'd like something a bit more wide, which is why I'm looking at the 65mm. Is the Caltar/Grandagon a lens capable of the same detail, sharpness and contrast as the Super Angulon, or should I just keep looking for a used Schneider lens?


Emil Ems
27-Oct-2006, 01:03

I am using the Rodenstock 65 mm with a Horseman 6x12 rollholder and I am quite pleased with the lens. Just remember never to use it below f 16 (edge resolution gets successively worse below that f) and realise that you will have more pronounced light fall-off towards the corners than with the 75 mm. I am not disturbed about the latter since working in B&W only and since the 6x12 format prevents the worse corner fall-off's (of the full 4x5 format).

I hope this helps.

Ted Harris
27-Oct-2006, 05:41
I used a 75mm f5.6 SA for years. Came across a great deal on an f4.5 Grandagon N. Shot them both for a month side-by-side. Kept the Grandagon and sold the SA.