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Dongyun Hao
15-Feb-2000, 07:45
I started my LF study and gained knowledge from here. To my personal requirement I eventually ended up with a VH-R which I am really happy with. The question is that I want add a Polaroid back for it, but I do not know how the back works to gether with other accessories, such as the G spacer, RF spacer and the special g roundglass fram/back, to correct the film plane. I bought a Polaroid Back at a v ery good price and want add the accessory(ies) to make it a go. I guess the RF s pacer is for correction of rangerfinder and special groundglass back is for corr ection of focus at backwarded film plane. What is the G spacer for and where it should be placed to make a correction. If you am not using RF, does the G spacer alone do it well? I have the Horseman manual which is helpless in this respect. Thanks for your help!


15-Feb-2000, 19:17
i do not know any thing about using the Horseman, but I would suggest that you get some outdated, or otherwise cheap polaroid film (type 5, so that you can make enlarements of the negative to check sharpness). Fit the polaroid holder to the back, after focusing on something and ensuring that it is RAZOR SHARP then expose the polariod for the negative, process it then scrutinize then you do not need the spacer.

Hope this is in some way helpful.

David Kirk

Glenn Kroeger
16-Feb-2000, 11:04
Go to Horseman's web site:


There is a place to send email. They are pretty prompt and very accurate in their replies.