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Thierry Schreiner
26-Oct-2006, 16:04
Dear all,

A few questions for the Schneider G-Claron user community.

On Ebay I saw for sale a 270mm G-Claron which was used together with a center filter. (290043152859).

I am not interested in the lens, as I am well equipped with G-Clarons, but puzzled by the use of the center filter with the G-Clarons.

My questions:

1) Do some of you use G-Clarons with a center filter?
2) Is it beneficial in general or only when using the G-Clarons for ultra large format applications?
3) Which Schneider Center Filter is compatible with what G-Claron?

Thank you in advance for your contribution.
Best regards from France


Steve Hamley
26-Oct-2006, 20:08
1) No

2) My guess is thast the center filter is useful on the 7x17 format.

3) None according to Schneider. The smallest diameter CF Schneider lists is 49mm, the 270 G-Claron is 39mm.


Ole Tjugen
26-Oct-2006, 23:15
1) no
2) The G-Claron, like all other relatively small lenses, have a light fall-off approximately following cos^4(theta). So if you use it as a wide angle lens and are extremely critical of evenness of illumination, a center filter makes sense.

As an aside I've never understood why there are center filters for the big cos^3(theta) superwides, and not for the small compact cos^4(theta) superwides. After all, they need it more!

Joseph O'Neil
28-Oct-2006, 08:29
I own and use a 270mm G-claron, and it is my favourite lens. I use it only on 4x5 - tons of movements.
I've never had to use a centre filter - seems the farthest thing form my mind. I know this lens can cover 11x14 stopped way down, so perhaps at that scale/size you might need a centre filter, but I have found my lens to be exceedingly crisp, flat and sharp.


Thierry Schreiner
31-Oct-2006, 07:15

Thank's a lot for your answers.

By the way, I asked the seller. In this particular case, the center filter that is fitted to the 270mm is a Schneider III a), normally used with the Super Angulon 90mm f:8.

Thought it might be good to share.

Best regards