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john White
26-Oct-2006, 14:25
I am trying to put a Schneider-Kreusnach 90mm lens from an MPP field camera onto a Cambo view camera. The hole in the MMP lens board is about 32mm across.
I have a couple of questions:
Are there other manufacturers' lens boards that fit Cambo camera?
Am I likely to find a Cambo lens board with the right hole size?
Is my best approach to have a lens board made?

Many thanks for your help


Richard Kelham
26-Oct-2006, 16:06
Assuming the lens from the MPP is an Angulon you want a size 0 board. Cambo boards are unique though apparently Calumet made some that fit, most Calumet boards don't fit. You can either wait for one to turn up on fleabay or buy a new one. Gosh! What an idea!


27-Oct-2006, 02:31

here in the UK, most dealers have some stock of Cambo boards lying around. They are fairly common. Try ffordes or Maybe PFD in Manchester. Calumet have bought Cambo a few years ago. The boards are still available new and aren't too expensive (GBP30 or so) and all sizes were still available, the last time I looked.

They are not too prominent on ebay, unfortunately. Most Cambo cameras tend to go as a kit.


27-Oct-2006, 13:41
There are quite a few threads which mention the Cambo/Calumet distinction, but the relevant point is that the boards about 6x6 inches with two notches at the top and rounded corners are interchangeable, and they may bear a Calumet logo, a Cambo label, or nothing at all on the raised rectangular spot where the name goes.

Calumet sold a number of other cameras which take lensboards not compatible with the Cambo line (CC400, C-1, etc.) but the Cambo-style ones are usually fairly common on the used market, and are typically listed as Cambo or Cambo/Calumet. Unfortunately, this would be one of the more difficult styles to improvise, although it certainly can be done.

john White
27-Oct-2006, 16:38
Many thanks for the guidance. I bought a new size 0 today from Calumet, (the lens in Angulon) which should turn up Monday £25, so not bad. I'll have to check out the used dealers mentioned, especially in Manchester, as that is not too far away.
While I'm on can any uk members recommend colour labs, the best | can find wants £7 per film sheet for developing, and wants to take a week to do it.

27-Oct-2006, 18:35
Hmmm...you may need a recessed board for a 90mm lens, depending on the camera. Calumet should be able to supply either regular or recessed, with the latter being somewhat less common and more expensive. When found on the used market, they seem to be most commonly in the #1 shutter size boring.

Good luck!