View Full Version : What on earth is a wista M200?

26-Oct-2006, 10:54
There's on on ebay, and at the risk of drawing attention to it I'm going to ask here if anybody knows about this particular monorail? Weird looking thing, the standards seem to have monorail-sized supports that maybe slide up and down to control rise/fall.

28-May-2016, 19:35
Wista M200 is a third-generation descendant to the earlier M450 View model which by itself had an earlier and later more advanced design.

This is the earlier version of M450, with locking knobs opposite to the focusing knobs:

This is the later version of M450, with locking knobs attached to the focusing knobs:



This is the more advanced M200, with focusing-attached locking knobs, geared lift, and geared shift movements:

Those three are the only View-type camera models by Wista.

Most of all other Wista models, are Field-Camera, i.e, a folding-boxed design of LF cameras, not unlike the Linhof Technika type of design