View Full Version : What to do?

erie patsellis
25-Oct-2006, 23:34
Damn Schneider, they make this too easy, I bought a 135 componon for my 5x7 elwood enlarger, lens arrives, before I had a chance to mount it on the enlarger, I realize I have a #0 prontor lying about, lensless. I screwed in the elements and now i have a problem, looking through the groundglass, I see that I'm really going to like this lens, anybody have another 135mm componon or similar sitting around that they'd sell cheap? A 6 1/2" enlarging lens is a little long for my 4x5 negs.


Mark Sampson
26-Oct-2006, 05:12
Just use the lens on the enlarger with the shutter open.

Donald Qualls
26-Oct-2006, 14:25
Just use the lens on the enlarger with the shutter open.

I can confirm this works pretty well -- I currently enlarge my 6x6 cm negatives with the 80 mm f/3.5 Anastar, still in shutter, from a Kodak Reflex II, shutter locked open on T (and front cell focus set to infinity). Some folks will warn about damage to cemented groups from the heat or long light exposures (seems silly, on the face, because these lenses see lots of light even when the shutter is closed), but the Anastar has no cemented groups -- and neither does that Componon, AFAIK (my 150 mm Componon doesn't).