View Full Version : Design of 215mm (8.5") f/4.8 Caltar S/Acuton lens

Mark Sawyer
25-Oct-2006, 14:55
Does anyone know if this is a typical Plasmat design?

BTW, it's a wonderful lens, covers 8x10 with slight movements, bright and quite sharp to the edges, convertable to 14", fairly common, often at $200 or so for a clean one.

Paul Fitzgerald
25-Oct-2006, 18:57

According to the Ilex catalog it's 6 elements in 4 groups.

Have fun with it.

Mark Sawyer
20-Feb-2007, 21:07
I'm bumping this one to the front, as I'm still curious. I'd love to have a longer focal length version of this lens to go along with the 215mm. Does anyone know if the 300mm Caltar S is of the same design as the 215mm f/4.8 Caltar S?

Mark Sampson
21-Feb-2007, 07:08
I just went and looked at the 14-3/4" f/6.3 Ilex-Caltar in the lens cabinet. I remembered that it's not convertible, and a closer look suggests that it's a Tessar-type lens. BTW, you can find posts on photo.net from Lynn Jones, who worked at Ilex and may have had a hand in designing these lenses.

Paul Fitzgerald
23-Feb-2007, 19:31

The Ilex catalog only lists a 6", 7", and 8.5" in the f/4.8 series, nothing longer.
No listing for the 300mm Clatar S, sorry.

Jim Galli
23-Feb-2007, 22:51
The f5.6 Symmar Convertible 300 / 500 should look and act just like your 215. Same era same type etc. They're not too expensive.

Mark Sawyer
24-Feb-2007, 00:19
Thank you, Jim! Looks like I may have a convertable Symar in my future! And thank you, Paul!